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Don't go in the water Don't go in the water

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It's not fun, and every level feels the same. This game is a platform type, and platformers goals are too test your skill. There has to be some sort of finesse into playing and beating it. Your game requires basic motor skills at best, and the only reason I ever died was because of how bad your controls are. The controls are bad-by the way- because they make the character feel unnecessarily airy. I stayed in the air too much, and I couldn't jump very far, every single leap is unwarrantedly precise. I also lost desire to continue playing as I noticed every single level was nearly exactly the same. Another design flaw is the length of your levels. In my first game I happened to make the same mistake. Since not much is happening in your level it's boring to continue playing with little rewards, as well as the fact if you accidently die from your controls you have to painfully start over from the beginning, despite the fact that you know you could easily clear the level. Also the bragging on it taking you only 24 hours isn't impressive, because honestly I could make this game in about an hour, if not less, and I'm not even good at making video game. Lastly, I happen to use the same program as you. Stencyl. I hate it when people make games with water hazards and you don't fall INTO the water. To make it so you fall into it, just set the water on a layer above your character. That'll fix it.

Ressurection666 responds:

I appreciate the feedback, I do have a lot more planned for the game such as collectibles, upgrades enemies and scoring. I will also re look at the controls and improve them. I did't know about the water thing either I will change that in my next edit.

I would like to mention the 24 hours thing isn't a brag more of a notification that it's not perfect and needs some work. This is my first game so i'm still learning (like the water layering).

F5 F5

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I think this "game" honestly belongs in the movie section, as it was a fairly interesting take at story telling, but was sadly immensely lacking as a game. The concept was fascinating, and I thought it quite clever to produce a game where you tried to reset with a common reset tool, and still failed until the end. Sadly the lack of choice, and player decision ruins this as a "game" for me. I feel no connection with the character, and I don't really care that much about his life. The journey was nice, but it was very lackluster. My movements, my everything were meaningless to the game. The only thing that makes the game progress or for anything to happen is the F5 key. Lastly, despite the fact that I said the F5 key was a nice touch, it did lag my computer somewhat. I would suggest instead switching it to a letter key so I don't have to reload the page each time. It was very frustrating. This game would probably be a 4-5 star interactive book if it had great art, music and voice acting for sure.

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*Ghost Hunter* *Ghost Hunter*

Rated 0 / 5 stars

This game is the exact same as the last one. Maybe you fixed a bug or too, but in my eyes it's still bugged as it was the last time.

The Cube The Cube

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I started off liking this game, it was pretty neat and I liked the progression. Until the level titled "Not So Fast".
I cannot name a single instance in my life where I was more cheated by a game than that moment. That level is so buggy and full of glitches that I couldn't continue playing, despite the fact that I wanted to play the whole thing to give you a fair score. On that level you cannot slide across the floor properly like on other levels, you also get phased off the screen if you're not in the exact right spot. The infinite screen shake lags the crap out of the system, and it's horrible. I "beat" that level on my first try, except as I was about to grab the black block, I was just phased out of the level for no reason. That level is flawed, and ruined the entire game for me. I'm sorry, fix that.

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Christmas Santa Ride Christmas Santa Ride

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I'd give it 4 stars if it wasn't for the fact that everytime I died I went back to level 1

The Abandoned Platformer The Abandoned Platformer

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I enjoyed the feel of it a lot. And it would be cool if there was quest based missions. I expected this game to feel somewhat like braid, or prince of Persia, but it didn't so good job on that. The only problem is I had difficulty wanting to use the time control pills. This game should be finished in my opinion.

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TeamToastedT0ast responds:

Thanks man :)

Escape Run Escape Run

Rated 2 / 5 stars

It'd be better if you didn't have the increase physics, and if the control were more dialed in. Idk it was just hard to maneuver the character properly.

The Adventures of Mambo The Adventures of Mambo

Rated 0 / 5 stars

You remade the first stencyl tutorial and added levels. Which I don't think is terrible, as long as you take out all the stencyl tutorial levels, but you didn't. The gameplay was weak, the story was weak. The only thing that even made this game okay was all the stuff that other designers- the Stencyl designers- put into it. I had some pity on you thinking, this is probably his first game, he was probably just excited and uploaded it to Newgrounds without thinking very hard about it, but that last scene at the end where you said "This was my first game, what did you expect?" as if you were forcing me to feel bad for you, for higher scores really pissed me off. My first game wasn't nearly this bad, and a lot of people could concur. Being new only adds some slight level of mercy, not a lot. You realized your game was terrible, which is why I don't feel bad for you.
You have shown no worthwhile skills in game making with this game, so Ill give you some tips to make a better game.
Ill start of by saying I don't make the best games, but I do understand the rules to make good games, and I'd like to help you

Identify a gameplay style.
What type of game is it? What is the goal of the gameplay. In this case it's an enemy based light platformer

Identify a goal.
What is your character trying to do? Why is he/she/it doing it.

Add meaning to the goal.
Make the player feel like they want to succeed along with the character in the goal.

Add variety.
Your game needs to evolve as the player does to add repetitions.

Make the game have interaction
Your game had very little interactivity. The different between games and media is interactivity. The amount of meaningful interaction an player can have with the game can affect the enjoyment they have in the game. Their decisions have to matter.

Add style:
music always help alittle.

Fix bugs:
This game has lots of bugs.
No respawns on level 2, you die if you hit the wall in level 5

the game should have a progression that makes sense, at least in the basic schema of play, there are games that utilize other formats, but that isn't an advisable path for a beginner.

Take my tips and go try again c:

Shine Shine

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The game is very well made and in fact you taught me a thing or two about the program I use. I recognize your from the Stencyl community c:
If you didn't make this in Stencyl, then that's alright I still learned something.

This game was near perfect, but the last level I played was very cheap :l

Superblade Superblade

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I wanted to like this game, but I feel as though this game is immensely flawed. For example just walking into an enemy kills you, and you cannot hit in directions. The enemies can walk on hazards, and there's no weapons upgrades or stuff like that.

This game is truly polished, which sort of tricked me into thinking it was really good, but it's lacking some core design to make it truly good.

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